Transport services

MUROVEC TRANSPORT D.O.O. specialises in performing and organising the following types of transports:

  • mixed consignments (including the minimum quantities),
  • entire consignments,
  • volume consignments,
  • express consifnments.
  • • Principal routes of our vehicles in the international transport are as follows:
    • Slovenia–Italia–Slovenia,
    • Slovenia–Switzerland–Slovenia,
    • Slovenia–S Germany–W Austria–Slovenia.
  • • According to the clients' needs, we also provide or organise transport to:
    • other EU countries,
    • the countries of former Yugoslavia.
  • Any place in Slovenia.


Major Slovenian companies in the field of industry, logistics, ... rely on us to provide international and domestic transport for them. We also cooperate with major logistics companies companies from the EU and Switzerland. We are able to carry out the entire transport organisation on your behalf, we constantly monitor the situation en route, and act immediately and resolve the issue for the benefit of our clients if anything unexpected occurs. For us, it the most important to reach an agreement with our clients regarding realistic options for transport and to perform the transport within the agreed deadline, since our motto is: "A SATISFIED CLIENT IS THE BEST CLIENT".