About us

MUROVEC TRANSPORT D.O.O. is a successful family company established in 1991 dealing with domestic and international transport. The services are performed using our own rolling stock, comprising of 9 modern vehicles. All of them are equipped with a GPS tracking system and meet the emission standards EURO 5, EEV and EURO 6. All vehicles also feature night air conditioners, since we follow the motto: "a good worker is a fresh worker". With our vehicle with the load bearing capacity of which is 7 tons and a half, a lifting platform, ADR-safety equipment and a height load of three meters, we also offer transportation services across Slovenia. For the needs of our clients, we have our own warehouse facilities and parking lot for the vehicles. Hard work, persistence and a clear vision make our operations successful. Quality, flexibility, reliability and customer-orientation are our principles. High standards of quality services provide a basis for future development of our company. We are aware of the importance of continuous development; therefore, we will keep on dedicating a lot of attention and resources to it. We always strive to use our knowledge and services to fully satisfy all the needs of our customers. In 2001, we obtained AA Credit Rating Excellence certificate as an evidence for our successful work and an additional motivation for further development and growth.