Our company specializes in organizing and providing transport for the following types of shipments:

  • Groupage shipments (from the smallest quantities and up)
  • Full loads
  • Large-volume shipments
  • Express shipments


We mostly provide international transport services on the following routes:

  • Slovenia–Italy–Slovenia
  • Slovenia–Switzerland–Slovenia

Depending on our clients’ needs, we also organize and provide transport to the rest of the EU and the countries of the former Yugoslavia. We also deliver all types of shipments across Slovenia.

We provide international and domestic transport services for large Slovenian companies operating in logistics and various other industries, and we also work with major logistics companies in the EU and Switzerland. We organize the entire transport for you, supervise all developments during transport, and take immediate action in the event of any unexpected events to resolve the situation to the client’s benefit. We discuss realistic options for carrying out specific transports with our clients and deliver the service by the agreed-upon deadline, in line with our in-house rule: “The best client is a satisfied client.”